Virgin Hair Specialists – Brazilian Body Wave

Fabulous Hair Boutique is an upscale hair boutique that was established to offer only the very best in exotic human hair extensions and wigs to customers around the world that want and deserve the very best hair that money can buy. We import the most lustrous, pure, 100% cuticle, virgin hair including remy hair directly from India, Brazil and China (Malaysia) for re-sell in the United States. Our specialties include Virgin Hair, Brazilian Body Wave, Brazilian Natural Wave, Lace Frontals, Peruvian Natural Wave, Malaysian Natural Wave, Loose Wave, Loose Curl, and Brazilian Natural Curl.

Longevity = High Grade – Hair comes in many different grades from the lowest which is no grade.

The higher the grade the longer it last with proper care. Non Virgin, Non remy, Processed human hair , Virgin 1A to 3A are lowest grade and likely to tangle especially if you use the wrong hair care products and do not pay much attention to it. We do not carry these low grades.

1-3A hair is usually very dry and brittle with split ends , may have many grey hairs and this grade is mostly sold in local beauty store in pretty packages processed as virgin remi because it is cheap and always available for mass production. (p.s) Chemical use to give it the nice feeling until after you wash it a few times..

AAAA -4A is a much better buy if your on a tight budget-this quality can be colored or bleached without damage and is available in many textures.

5A and 6A are full cuticle virgin hair and are the best guaranteed Pure Virgin Remy full cuticle (same direction). They are also referred to as Premium Grade. 5A and 6A grades can last over a year if cared for properly. Most companies do not offer them because the of the high cost, but I have many customers who want the best hair they can find.

We will always be honest with our clients! shop top grades and rest assured your getting the best available for that grade.

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